Agostoni Gianduja 32% Dark Chocolate Vegan Chips (24% Hazelnut paste)


Whether you are a Vegan searching for the creamy texture of milk chocolate or a hazelnut fanatic, this chocolate satisfies everything you are looking for! Italian dark chocolate (NO DAIRY) with 24% hazelnut paste incorporated into it…smooth and melty, works great in baked goods and fudge, and quickly becoming a staff favorite for snacking. 12oz bag.

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Chocolate Necessities

We source nothing but the best. No compromises. Quality chocolate. Absolute highest-grade ingredients. World’s best-known brands. The best in every bite. Truly artisan. Truly unique… Because you deserve that!

“As a chocolate lover you want memorable taste with true chocolate texture. That’s what we deliver you.”
— Chocolatier Kevin Buck, Owner

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Weight 13 oz

Sugar, Hazelnut Paste (24%), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, SOY Lecithin, Vanilla