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TurkishDelightRaspberry_s.jpgRaspberries are ripe!

Raspberry season is in full swing. You can pick among (or all!) three choices:Raspberry Inspiration.jpg

1. Our raspberry ganache comes in both dark and milk chocolate...uniquely different.

2. Raspberry Inspiration by Valrhona. (We have the extraordinary Yuzu & Passion Fruit Inspirations, too.)

3. Raspberry Turkish Delight, a traditional confectionary delight. 

Shipping available hereVisit us 10a-4p M-F: 360.676.0589. (4600 Guide Meridian, Suite 109 only. Downtown remains closed temporarily.)

Drop by. Taste. Repeat often….

Standard truffle flavors here. Plus others, new and original (like the recent batch of Yuzu and Strawberry Lemonade).

Also in stock: Chocolate chips. Chocolate bars (originals & world brands), 2-piece boxes. And, theme chocolates (hobbies, sports, sea life, nature, animals & many more...) View all products HERE!

Custom Label (Samuel's).jpg

Pick from an assortment of our original-recipe chocolate bars at both Community Food Co-Op locations in Bellingham. Read their article about our products HERE.


<<<<< Your personal private label.


Exotic international tastes:Cocoa Nib Clusters

Cocoa Nib Clusters (in photo), and Premium Dark Chocolate Chips such as Casa Luker Santander 85%, San Martin 72%, Palenque 70%. To suit your individual taste, choose from among a vast array of Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Sugar-Free.

We source from wherever it’s ONLY the best. No compromises.
Quality chocolate. Absolute highest grade ingredients. W
orld's best-known brands. Truly artisan. Truly unique.
...Because you deserve nothing less!
You deserve and command World-class Quality and that stirs our passion to serve you the best in every bite.

Downtown features Italian Ice Cream (Gelato and Sorbetto)

When COVID-19 fades, we'll let you know when you can once again taste authentic Italian-created ingredients, made with commercial-grade Italian equipment.
Italian Ice Cream will become part of your vocabulary, and a dessert you crave. Just one more necessity.

Kevin Buck

Chocolatier Kevin Buck, Founder of Chocolate Necessities:
"As a chocolate lover you want memorable taste with true chocolate texture. That's what we deliver you in the absolute highest quality Chocolate and Italian Ice Cream."





Let our 33+ years of experience bring you a new appreciation for the best selections of world-class chocolate!

You'll experience a chocolate moment you'll always remember.




 Our Happy Customers


 "This is as good as it gets; you won't find better tasting/quality chocolate anywhere else. I lived in Europe for a few years, and I'd rate this place above the chocolatiers I frequented over there. Seriously, this place is amazing. We are lucky to have them in Bellingham!! Also, they serve the BEST hot chocolate in town (probably the state, if not the country!). If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out." -Laura R. review from Yelp


"YUMMY! Best Gelato in town. Their drinking chocolate is spectacular (several kinds). Fancy gift chocolates. Our go-to dessert place. If you want ice cream, get their gelato! Nice tables to sit at for you to enjoy the yummies!" -Caroline K. review from Yelp