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Artisan Chocolate & Authentic Italian Ice Cream

Your Valentine's Day HQ

Show Your True Love with World-Class Chocolate!

[...And, of course, treat yourself. Because you deserve to.]

Heart-to-Heart, we've got you covered
with a wide variety of heart-themed chocolates certain to please the love of your life.

The Romeo & Juliet balcony scene is to sigh for!

Romeo and Juliet Love Story (7 pc. set in milk or dark chocolate)

Reserve yours by calling 360.676.0589. We do private-label gifts, too.

* * *

We love bringing you new tastes from all over the world.

Try these ALL NEW delights:

    • Colombia's finest--
      • CasaLuker Internationally-Renowned Chocolate Chips
      • Cocoa Nib Clusters 
      • Coffee Beans (dipped in luscious chocolate)
    • New Dark Chocolate Chips:
      • Palenque 70% 
      • San Martin 72%
      • Santander 85%
    • And you simply won't believe how divine this is--
      • The YUZU, our exciting new truffle (featuring a delicate fruit from Japan)


TAKE A VERBAL TOUR HERE with the Community Food Co-Op through our little corner of the world--then....

Stop by and greet us at either our flagship store, 4600 Guide Meridian in Bellingham or the Downtown specialty dessert & drinks shop, 1408 Commercial Street.

ORDER TODAY ONLINE, or call in to reserve your gift, 360.676.0589.

See you soon!



You deserve only the best in your indulgences. Your good taste inspires us to search the entire world, literally, for the highest grade of chocolate available. We proudly present many original creations. We find your chocolate in Europe. In Central and South America. Even on a microscopic map-dot island in Polynesia. All around the Equator. Wherever it’s the best, and ONLY the best. True chocolatiers create in gradients of quality. We work with the most exclusive chocolate that artisan chocolatiers and pastry chefs use.

Because you deserve only that, and nothing less. 

When you indulge yourself or gift our chocolate, either way you're showing consummate taste.

Our original-recipe chocolate truffles, genache flavors, and chocolate bars lead the way. Uniquely outstanding. You will find them anywhere else. And, we have a menagerie of thematic-shaped chocolate pieces, representatives of activities and hobbies and animals and all the holiday seasons.

A Word about the World's Finest Quality Chocolate

Kings and Queens deserve the chocolates that you will enjoy with us! Names that reign, like Callebaut in Belgium, Prelus in France. 

What is your reference point for the finest chocolate you can eat? We raise that bar for you with Chocolate Necessities' nearly 34 years of excellence under founder and expert chocolatier Kevin G. Buck.

Our top-selling item—delectable truffles—come to you in dozens of flavors, crafted daily in-house with one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find ingredients blended into original recipes. Chocolate ranging from Paris to Peru. Cali to Tanzania to Trinidad.

They make the perfect gift, either personal or for business clients. World-class Quality drives our passion, and serves you best with every bite.

Authentic Italian Ice Cream
(Gelato and Sorbetto)

At our Downtown location, you will delight in the absolute finest and most authentic Italian Ice Cream available in our region. Here’s why:
We carefully select premium Italian ingredients, and create the gelato with only commercial-grade, Italian-designed equipment. You’ll find Italian Ice Cream is a phrase you use often, and a dessert you crave. A necessity, if you will.

Drop by. Taste. Repeat often….

Get Your Gift Card Today! (Valid in-store only).
($15 minimum)

Kevin Buck

Artisanal Chocolatier Kevin Buck, Founder of Chocolate Necessities:
"Great texture and great taste. That's what people want, and that's what we find for them in the highest quality Chocolate and Italian Ice Cream."





Let our 33+ years of experience bring you a new appreciation for the best selections of world-class chocolate!

You'll experience a chocolate moment you'll always remember.




 Our Happy Customers


 "This is as good as it gets; you won't find better tasting/quality chocolate anywhere else. I lived in Europe for a few years, and I'd rate this place above the chocolatiers I frequented over there. Seriously, this place is amazing. We are lucky to have them in Bellingham!! Also, they serve the BEST hot chocolate in town (probably the state, if not the country!). If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out." -Laura R. review from Yelp


"YUMMY! Best Gelato in town. Their drinking chocolate is spectacular (several kinds). Fancy gift chocolates. Our go-to dessert place. If you want ice cream, get their gelato! Nice tables to sit at for you to enjoy the yummies!" -Caroline K. review from Yelp