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2020 Graduation Gift Box (or for other special occasions)Get yours now: chocful of 2020!

The perfect gift for upcoming HS and college graduates. Present their Class of 2020 in milk chocolate. Order yours now, going fast. 

TRUFFLES! (Limited quantities.) 

Truffles are our specialty

Ship today, or call to make pick-up arrangements, 10a-4p M-F: 360.676.0589. (Downtown is closed temporarily.)

State flavor preferences in Comments at checkout. We'll fulfill as available. 

Truffle Flavors Available:

        • Bailey's Irish Cream
        • Balsamic Caramel
        • Double Chocolate
        • Honey Almond
        • Irish Coffee
        • Kahlua
        • Montigo Rum
        • Orange Brandy
        • Strawberry-Lemonade 
        • Tahitian Vanilla
        • Tequila

Expanded hours, 10a-4p, at 4600 Guide Meridian, Suite 109, for same-day shipping or local arrangements. We're closed downtown until further notice. 

Chocolate chips, chocolate bars (originals & world brands), theme shapes, 2-piece boxes
& much more in stock now. View all products HERE!

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Also, visit Community Food Co-Op for a selection of our world-class chocolate. Read their insights into our products HERE.


<<<<< Design your personal private label for those graduates, or for any special event - especially now in absentia. Your unique choice for birthdays, wedding momentos, or anniversaries. Your business, too, can show appreciation for staff, workers, and clients.

Indulge in exotic tastes from 'round the world:

Valrhona "Inspiration Series" chips in uniquely outstanding flavors--Red Raspberry, Yuzu, Passion Fruit, and Dulce.
Cocoa Nib Clusters (in photo)--So different.CocoaNibs1Blog09302017_s.jpg
Coffee Beans--Dipped in highest-quality chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Chips: Casa Luker Santander 85%, San Martin 72%, Palenque 70%.
Also, Milk Chocolates, White Chocolates, and Sugar-Free Chocolate Necessities 

We source from wherever it’s the best, and ONLY the best. No compromises.
Quality chocolate contains only the absolute highest grade ingredients produced 
by the world's best-known growers and purveyors. We use only those top-tier ingredients. Truly artisan. Truly unique.

...Because you deserve nothing less!

With your Chocolate Necessities choice, you're displaying consummate taste with our original-recipe, chocolate truffles (in limited batches until we reopen because of shelf life), and chocolate bars.

And, select from theme chocolates depicting hobbies, sea life, nature, sports, animals, specific special activities.

World-class Quality drives our passion and serves you the best with every bite.

Downtown Authentic Italian Ice Cream
(Gelato and Sorbetto)
Closed temporarily.

Authentic Italian ingredients, made with commercial-grade Italian equipment.
Italian Ice Cream will become a phrase you'll use often, and a dessert you crave. Just one more necessity.

Drop by. Taste. Repeat often….

Kevin Buck

Chocolatier Kevin Buck, Founder of Chocolate Necessities:
"As a chocolate lover you want memorable taste with true chocolate texture. That's what we deliver you in the absolute highest quality Chocolate and Italian Ice Cream."





Let our 33+ years of experience bring you a new appreciation for the best selections of world-class chocolate!

You'll experience a chocolate moment you'll always remember.




 Our Happy Customers


 "This is as good as it gets; you won't find better tasting/quality chocolate anywhere else. I lived in Europe for a few years, and I'd rate this place above the chocolatiers I frequented over there. Seriously, this place is amazing. We are lucky to have them in Bellingham!! Also, they serve the BEST hot chocolate in town (probably the state, if not the country!). If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out." -Laura R. review from Yelp


"YUMMY! Best Gelato in town. Their drinking chocolate is spectacular (several kinds). Fancy gift chocolates. Our go-to dessert place. If you want ice cream, get their gelato! Nice tables to sit at for you to enjoy the yummies!" -Caroline K. review from Yelp