Chocolate Truffles and Italian Ice Cream | Chocolate Necessities Bellingham WA

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Chocolate Necessities Team

Each team member at Chocolate Necessities is passionate about making and providing you with the best European-style chocolate and Italian Ice Cream experience you've ever had, or could ever imagine.

We take great pleasure in sharing our love of true chocolate with you in a setting where "candy" is a four-letter word. We create a respectful, trusting, positive environment in which we produce and deliver to you superb products, day in and day out, year after year as we have for 32-plus years. Serving Bellingham, Washington, Whatcom County, Skagit County, and Lower B.C. customers, we welcome you to stop by both locations to see our operation first-hand.

We'll give you tastes and tours, and you will learn more about the chocolate that the world has come to respect most--from around the equator and across continents. 

It will be fun meeting you!

Kevin Buck - Founder Founder

Kevin Buck

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