Our Chocolate: Beyond Your Expectations

Chocolate Talk ,

We are passionate about exceeding your wildest imagination of what the best chocolate on earth tastes like.

Sourcing only the highest gradient of chocolate is just the beginning…

Our two chocolatiers, Kevin and Nicole, create hand-made, unique, original-recipe truffles—one at a time (no automated-assembly line). This precise, quality-controlled process takes two days to complete.

It starts with our signature ultra-smooth ganache (blend of cream and chocolate filling) and then cools overnight. The next day we cut and hand-roll the truffles, methodically dipping each in the very best couverture chocolate that Belgium has to offer (Callebaut).

Next: the meticulous and artistic decoration. Again, one at a time. Every step of the way we input TLC along with the chocolate and genache.

Voila! The outcome is fit for royalty. And for your discerning taste.