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Chocolate Truffle Flavors

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Please note: Not all flavors are available throughout the year. Feel free to call (360) 676-0589 for current availability or to request a flavor out of season! Dark Chocolate Truffles: Amaretto Balsamic Caramel Balsamic Blue Cheese Blackberry Passion Fruit Charlotte Vanilla Crème De Menthe Colombian 65% Double Chocolate Frangelico (Hazelnut) Kahlua Orange Brandy Scotch Triple… Read More →

A Father’s Day Remembrance

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When I was in elementary school in Montana, like first or second grade, I made a rewarding discovery. I could snitch some of my dad Lonnie’s large, good-as-gold Hershey’s dark chocolate bars. That was my unofficial introduction to the world of chocolate. It was tricky. We had one of those typical kitchen countertops that had… Read More →

Our Chocolate: Beyond Your Expectations

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We are passionate about exceeding your wildest imagination of what the best chocolate on earth tastes like. Sourcing only the highest gradient of chocolate is just the beginning… Our two chocolatiers, Kevin and Nicole, create hand-made, unique, original-recipe truffles—one at a time (no automated-assembly line). This precise, quality-controlled process takes two days to complete. It… Read More →

Whatcom Talk!

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If you thought you knew chocolate as a child, chances are a visit to Chocolate Necessities will have you feeling as though you are discovering chocolate for the first time as an adult. Truffles named Montego Rum, Grand Marnier and Chambord, to name a few, rest enticingly on shelves, all just waiting to be tasted…. Read More →