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About Chocolate Necessities

Our Vision

Chocolate Necessities stubbornly doesn’t cut corners.  We find and use the best ingredients available and spend hours researching and experimenting with our process - always working towards perfection.  At the end of the day, we’re not business people who manufacture chocolate.  We’re chocolatiers who have made a lifelong commitment to quality; and the business is something along for the ride. 

The result is not just a treat but a total chocolate experience. 

Our History

Chocolate Necessities is one of the orginal Artisan Chocolate companies in the United States. founded in 1986 by Kevin Buck and Mark Pantly. The search for chocolate bagan with a trip to Canada where Kevin experienced the leading chocolate maker Callebaut which brought up compelling questions like, why can't we (in the US) have this amazing chocolate? Intrigue lead the way in learning to ask the right questions. Many owners were not wiling to share thier hard earned information. but the right questions seemed important to getting to the next level of industry insider truth. We have two locations and a chocolatier (Sarah) on staff as well as over 10 other employees.  Over the years Kevin has spent hours researching and tasting chocolate from around the world.  The milk chocolate we use today has 43% cocoa solids and the semi-sweet chocolate has 54.5% cocoa solids.  Equally important to Kevin was the amount of the cocoa butter to ensure that the chocolate melts properly as only great chocolate does.  Kevin's attention to the ingredients has raised the bar for our customers again and again.


Our Team

Everyone at Chocolate Necessities is passionate about making the best chocolates possible. We have worked hard to create a respectful, trusting, positive environment that helps people produce the best products year after year.  Serving Bellingham, Washington, we welcome you to stop by both locations to see the operation first hand to taste and learn more about the chocolate we have come to respect. We look forward to meeting you!