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Read all about our new location on Commercial Street in Bellingham, home of Italian Ice Cream (wide array of gelato and sorbetto flavorrs) and uniquely great desserts and drinks.


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Chocolate Necessities

If you thought you knew chocolate as a child, chances are a visit to Chocolate Necessities will have you feeling as though you are discovering chocolate for the first time as an adult. Truffles named Montego Rum, Grand Marnier and Chambord, to name a few, rest enticingly on shelves, all just waiting to be tasted. One bite of lingering flavor and you will know this is no ordinary chocolate. The truffles consist of a lower sugar content than the average chocolate and many contain imported pastry liquor, which provides a lasting flavor that doesn’t quickly melt away in your mouth.

Each truffle is handled six times before the final product is displayed for edibility. For a memorable date night, visit the Cornwall location — it’s open late. For a side treat, try the gelato. It’s easy to sample and batches are made fresh every week and a half. If you find yourself feeling guilty enjoying chocolate without the kids, you can always bring them home a small package of chocolate frogs or butterflies to clear your conscience.

If you’re interested in meeting Kevin Buck, the master chocolatier himself, head over to the Guide Meridian location and learn about his early adventures tasting and inquiring about chocolate in Canada. His wonderfully personal stories pair perfectly alongside a truffle.

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