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Chocolate Necessities ~ In the Beginning...

Chocolate Necessities is one of the original artisan chocolate companies in the United States, founded in 1986 by Kevin Buck. His never-ending search for world-class chocolate began with a trip to Canada where Kevin experienced Bernard Callebaut, the leading European chocolate maker. (Well, that doesn't count the time when he was a youngster, raiding his father's secret stash of chocolate bars and developing an early taste for chocolate!)

The Canadian trip, and a subsequent visit to the renowned Callebaut supplier in B.C., brought compelling questions to mind, like, "Why can't we (in the U.S.) have this amazing chocolate?" And, "How can I source only quality chocolate with no compromises?"

Intrigue led Kevin to ask the right questions. Many chocolate shop owners were not willing to share their hard-earned information, but the right questions seemed vital to achieving the next level of industry insider truth. He then obtained education (such as the Callebaut factory in Belgium with internationally-renowned instructor Jean-Pierre Wybau) to learn how to work with chocolate, applied his own ingenuity, and became a self-made chocolatier with top-drawer products.

We have two locations and another culinary-trained chocolatier, Nicole Robillard, on staff along with 10 other employees. Over the years, Kevin has dedicated countless, endless hours to researching and tasting chocolate from around the world. The milk chocolate we use primarily contains 43% cocoa solids and our go-to semisweet chocolate contains 54% cocoa solids. Equally important to Kevin, the ideal amounts of cocoa butter ensure that the chocolate melts properly, as only the highest quality couveture chocolate does. 

Kevin's attention to the ingredients constantly raises the bar for your taste. He's forever bringing in newly found discoveries, such as a milk chocolate with more than 65% cocoa solids (almost unheard of in the world of chocolate). 

That's a hallmark of Chocolate Necessities--bringing you taste after taste of chocolate products you can't find anywhere else this side of Europe....