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About You, An Artisan Chocolate Lover:

As a connoisseur of fine chocolate, your expert palate is tempted by superb ingredients and harmonious flavors. You can taste the difference between commercial candy and delectable artisan chocolate. You sense the quality that comes from decades of experience and the built-in respect for the process. We imagine you love to give chocolate as a gift as well as receive it, and genuinely appreciate real value and stellar service. That is why we have such high standards of excellence and put great care into what we do. You deserve the best. 


Kevin Buck

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Whatcom Talk!
By: Kevin Buck ~ 11/12/2017

If you thought you knew chocolate as a child, chances are a visit to Chocolate Necessities will have you feeling as though you are discovering chocolate for the first time as an adult. Truffles named Montego Rum, Grand Marnier and Chambord, to name a few, rest enticingly on shelves, all just waiting to be tasted. One bite of lingering flavor and you will know this is no ordinary chocolate. The truffles consist of a lower sugar content than the average chocolate and many contain imported pastry liquor, which provides a lasting flavor that doesn’t quickly melt away in your mouth.

Each truffle is handled six times before the final product is displayed for edibility. For a memorable date night, visit the Cornwall location — it’s open late. For a side treat, try the gelato. It’s easy to sample and batches are made fresh every week and a half. If you find yourself feeling guilty enjoying chocolate without the kids, you can always bring them home a small package of chocolate frogs or butterflies to clear your conscience.

If you’re interested in meeting Kevin Buck, the master chocolatier himself, head over to the Guide Meridian location and learn about his early adventures tasting and inquiring about chocolate in Canada. His wonderfully personal stories pair perfectly alongside a truffle.

Pizza, Beer, and Chocolate!
By: Kathryn ~ 10/5/2017


Shout out to our pals at Pizza'zza! Chances are you've seen their popular food truck around town, but did you know they have a bottleshop and taproom in their newly renovated Fairhaven location, as well as fantastic events and a delicious daily Happy Hour menu?

To top it off, you can find an assortment of Chocolate Necessities filled bars, mini bar boxes, and solid 2 ounce bars to pair with your favorite slice and beverage. Find out more about this community-minded local business on their website: http://www.pizzazza.com 

 If you are a business looking to sell wholesale or add your company logo to a chocolate bar, please let us know! We offer custom labels at no additional charge on orders of $50 or more! It’s a fantastic way to promote special events and market your business, or simply a sweet way to show customer appreciation to your clients. Hurry and place your custom label orders in before December when our turnaround takes longer than the typical 7-10 days.