Chocolate Truffles and Gelato | Chocolate Necessities Bellingham WA

Artisan Chocolate & Authentic Gelato

Scrumptious Chocolate

Kings and Queens can only dream of the chocolates that are waiting for you! (at your command).

What is your reference point for the finest chocolate in the world? Our purpose is to score an all time

record of excellence that you will be very challenged to beat.

Quality is our focus here at Chocolate Necessities.

Authentic Gelato

Try our authentic gelato, or the outrageously popular gelato panini. We use carefully selected Italian ingredients that will make "gelato" a word you use often.





Let our 30 years of experience bring you a new appreciation for outstanding chocolate!

A chocolate moment you won't soon forget.




 Our Happy Customers


 "This is as good as it gets; you won't find better tasting/quality chocolate anywhere else. I lived in Europe for a few years, and I'd rate this place above the chocolatiers I frequented over there. Seriously, this place is amazing. We are lucky to have them in Bellingham!! Also, they serve the BEST hot chocolate in town (probably the state, if not the country!). If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out." -Laura R. review from Yelp


"YUMMY! Best Gelato in town. Their drinking chocolate is spectacular (several kinds). Fancy gift chocolates. Our go-to dessert place. If you want ice cream, get their gelato! Nice tables to sit at for you to enjoy the yummies!" -Caroline K. review from Yelp